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Corporate Healthy Diet Program

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Corporate Healthy Diet Program

Healthy employees are important to the health of corporate houses. Dietofy Team specialize in helping corporate world with a holistic approach towards health & stress management to increase productivity. A clearer positive mind, increased concentration & memory, sustained energy levels throughout the day and relief of built up tension & anxiety have all helped to increase performance in the workplace.

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We extend following services to the Corporate World:

1. Dietofy Wellness Camp
We organize Dietofy Wellness Camp to increases awareness about lifestyle disorder and promote both employee and employer to take necessary steps which shall benefit them both personally and professionally. We also offer a short term and annual program as per the corporate requirement, where we cover the following important aspects

2. Dietofy One To One (face to face) Counseling
We counsel employees face to face and try to cover these important aspects:
• Body Composition Analysis
• Personal Health and Nutrition Analysis.
• Therapeutic Diet Plan
• Diet discussion and remedies for Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Pregnancy etc. cases.

3.Dietofy Group Counselling
We Counsel and educate employees in a group, where we cover various facts and figures of lifestyle disorder. We also discuss the measures and precautions to cure these diseases.

4. Dietofy Corporate Workshop:
We cover health with fun during this program. Which involve a brief talk by nutritionist followed by couple of activities including light exercises at workplace, demo of healthy food recipes etc.

5. Seminar and Health Talk:
We cover specific lifestyle disease and the steps to be taken to cure the diseases by using simple home remedies.

Dietofy Program Packages:
Post consultation we suggest our patients to enroll our dietofy program based on their requirements. We do offer monthly program , Quarterly half yearly and Yearly programs.

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